In Home Therapy Services

Physical Therapy

Maximum Home Health Care offers the following in home services for physical therapy:


Musculoskeletal Disorders
Neurological Diseases
Industrial Rehabilitation
Gait Training
Vestibular & Balance Training
McKenzie Techniques for Back & Neck


Physical therapy at Maximum Home Health consists of the evaluation and treatment of many musculoskeletal disorders. Our physical therapists provide rehabilitation at patient homes in Chicago and surrounding suburbs.

Our therapists are all licensed and experienced to provide services in home health care with multi-disciplinary team approach.


All rehabilitation programs are specialized to help meet the individual needs of all patients, including pre/post operative care, worker's compensation, geriatrics, women's health, wellness, hand rehabilitation and chronic pain patients.


The specialized skills of our highly trained clinical staff use a variety of state-of-the-art equipment to work with you towards your maximum health. We also work closely with your doctor and other medical professionals to coordinate recovery to bring you back to your optimal best.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists often work to help individuals improve their independence in a home environment to improve their functional restoration.


Personal Grooming
Functional Restoration
ADL Training
Energy Conservation
Neuro Sensory Integration


People with visual or cognitive conditions such as those who have had a stroke are often referred to occupational therapy for evaluation and rehabilitation. When possible, our therapists will help patients resume independent driving abilities in a car (in some cases).

Home living skills such as cooking, cleaning, bathing, dressing and personal grooming are practiced and taught to help people return to independent living environments. Special home adaptive needs are assessed and special equipment such as reachers, tub seats, grab bars, sock and shoe aids may be used during a course of occupational therapy and rehabilitation.

Speech Therapy

Our Maximum Home Health speech therapists will help people develop excellent speech communication skills when voice, swallowing or language disorders are present. As members of the American Speech Therapy Association, our speech therapist's adheres to American Speech Therapy Association mission to "ensure that all people with speech, language, and hearing disorders have access to quality services to help them communicate more effectively."


Complete Speech/Language Evaluation
Speech, Language and Swallowing Disorders
Aphasia, Apraxia, Dysarthria & other Neurogenic Disorders
Voice Disorders
Fluency Disorders
Language Disorders
Articulation Disorders
Accent Reduction


Our Maximum Home Health speech therapists work with adults of all ages with communication difficulties such as those who have slurred speech from strokes, stuttering problems from head injuries, and heavy foreign accents.

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